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Due to COVID-19 All Sessions Will be Virtual Via Zoom. Please remember to stay Safe and Practice Safe Social Distancing. 


“Imagine no longer being stagnant by crippling limited beliefs and thoughts from negative circumstances you have  experienced.  Imagine walking in Purpose and actively Pursuing your Passion without fear.“


In addition to being known as an Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur, Shaquita L. Williams, also wears an additional hat that is near and dear to her heart- “Coach Shaquita”.  In her capacity as a Trauma-Informed Life Recovery Coach of Live Thru It Life Recovery Coaching, she provides a safe place for clients to receive a Holistic Wellness Tune-up. 


As a Trauma Informed Coach, she does not assist in exploring and dissecting client’s past trauma (that’s therapy), but instead partners with them to provide unconditional support pushing them out of stagnation- beyond the experience to create a life of clarity, purpose and intentionality! 


As the Creator and Curator of “Recover Me Academy”, a virtual hub where current Coaching clients are able to receive additional support and Content resources; Coach Shaquita encourages the continued work along your journey of recovering your passion and purpose lost due to the pain of your past. 


To book Your Complimentary Break(thru) Session today, click the link below.

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