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is an Author, Relational Trauma Coach & Transformation Strategist. She found her voice within her testimony and knew immediately what her purpose and mission in life was. She has since devoted her existence to sharing her story…

“her truth” to help others who are struggling to triumph over their challenges and childhood traumas.

Shaquita has proven herself to be a true Survivor of life’s difficult challenges; sharing her journey and testimony on different forums and platforms. 

Her journey through life has forced her to take a deeper look into her issues and grow within her spirituality, using its applications saved her life and transformed her thinking. Having used her past traumas and hurts from over 23 years, she made a decision to no longer be the victim or cling to the negatives but decided to speak out and walk totally in her authenticity.


Through this published literature, Shaquita has taken her place no longer a victim, but a survivor… a conqueror… a winner; Her hope is to empower others to become winners as well.


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